Entrance to the talks is free, no registration or fee is necessary to attend the talks.

Book of Abstracts

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9:30-10:30   John Milnor Pierre Louis Lions Sylvie Méléard Luis Caffarelli
11:00-12:00   Nizar Touzi David Gabai Noga Alon Mike Hopkins
12:30-13:30   Dusa McDuff June Huh Kristin Lauter Alberto Verjovsky
15:15-16:15         Isabel Hubard
15:30-16:30   Christof Geiss Gerónimo Uribe Adolfo Guillot  
16:30-17:30         Mónica Clapp


Shigefumi Mori José Antonio de la Peña  
18:00 Welcome Cocktail at Hotel      Book presentation: Clases Características by John Milnor. (Spanish version). Published by Instituto de Matemáticas, UNAM.  Inauguration of the Mathematical Room at UNIVERSUM (Museum of Sciences). 


The conference will take place at the Auditorio Alberto Barajas Celis of the Facultad de Ciencias- UNAM (talks before lunch) and the Auditorio Alfonso Nápoles Gándara of the Instituto de Matemáticas- UNAM (talks after lunch).